Visit Mather Health Educational Services in Montrose, Pennsylvania for naturopathic counseling and education based on Biblical teachings.

Dr. Thomas Mather, of Mather Health Educational Services, is a Board Certified Naturopathic doctor.

The doctor conducts classes on a variety of approaches to your spiritual, mental, and physical health on request. For general health treatment or to address specific problem areas, visit Mather Health Educational Services.

Course Areas:

  • Applied kenesiology techniques
  • Bio-terraine evaluation
  • Urine and saliva chemical evaluation
  • Chinese face, tongue, nail analysis
  • Iris Evaluation, which is the study of health by examining the iris of the eye
  • Zyto Balance — galvanic skin response test to determine blockages in the body

Mather Health Education Services

17237 State Route 267
Montrose, Pennsylvania 18801
Work: 570.934.0994
Mobile: 607.725.4372


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